Pyrotekniske linker

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A Visual Interpretation of The Periodic Table of the Elements   
ACE Enterprises  Supplier of bulk chemicals and electronic balances. Also can help you computer fire your display with a FireOne system. Contact ACE Enterprises for more details. 
All Electronics Corp  Discount electronic parts for those hardware hackers 
American Fireworks News  A great source for books and videos. 
Aristotle Net's July 4th Site   
Atlas Advanced Pyrotechnics   
Dawntreader Pyrotechnic Specialties  Internet store now online. Most products available.A pyro supply startup that advertises hard-to-find chemicals or precursor chmicals for pyro-related compounds. Web site isn't yet complete but they will have an online shopping cart feature soon. 
Douglass & Sturgess Sculpting Supplies  Source of various resins and gums. 
Elephant Brand black powder  History of making black powder 
Fire Fox  Pyro chemicals and supplies 
FireOne  Electronic firing systems and choreography scripting software. 
Fireworks Express   
Fireworks Island   
Fireworks UK   
Four-D Enterprises  The makers of Sticky Match, the best thing since sliced bread! 
Hobby Fireworks  Sells presses, star rollers, and ball mills for the pyrotechnician. 
Iowa Pyro Supply  Pyro chemicals and supplies 
Japan Fireworks Visual Catalog  Pictures of various shells. Now you know what that effect is called. 
Journal of Pyrotechnics  Ken and Bonnie Kosanke's research journals. 
Kodak's Hints for Photographing Fireworks  Gives exposure times, film types, etc 
Le Maitre Special Effects Inc.   
Lortone Rock tumblers   
Mighty-Mite Marketing, Inc.  One piece HDPE mortars 
Nelsons fireworks  
Perfect Circle Paintballs  Manufactures the .68 caliber polystyrene paint balls used for spark hits and other special effects. Fill them yourself with zirconium sponge and diatomaceus earth for realistic effects. 
Performance Pyrotechnic Associates   
Platte River Fireworks   
Popular Electronics Online  Schematics and articles for hardware hackers 
Precocious Pyrotechnics, Inc.  Domestic manufacturer, importer, supplier. 
Premier Pyrotechnics   
Pyro Pak   
Charley's Fireworks Info and sources of all types. 
Skylighter  Pyro chemicals and supplies sold by Ol' Whatshisname 
The prized Paulownia tree for charcoal  A bit of background on the prized Paulownia tree that Shimizu spoke so highly of for making quality charcoal. 
Theatre Effects   
Thunder & Lightning Tools  Forms for casing etc.
Tom Peregrin's PyroSafety page   
Tri Ess Sciences   
United Nuclear Chemicals & Radionucleides   
Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company   
Wolter Pyro Tools  Rich Wolter makes a complete line of pyrotechnic tools for both the amateur and professional.